Moonbase is a co-working space for digital creatives that I started back in 2012. It is still up and running today, and I still manage the space. I started with a large, run-down warehouse space and virtually no money, but we have been able to thrive by doing most of the work ourselves, including building walls and furniture. To date, I have built four whiteboard-topped conference tables (two shown), two wall-mounted standing desks (one shown), a minimal coffee table (shown), a 12' conference table (shown), 48' of built-in desk space (shown), a conference room (shown), a coat rack from chain (shown), a sawhorse desk (shown), a floor lamp (shown), a front desk (barely shown), a kitchen (not shown), a sign (shown), six desks from old doors (three shown), ten 4' desks (not shown), and a corrugated metal wall (shown). Moonbase has taught me a lot about making interesting, simple, and functional furniture for very little money. Painting the floors white taught me to never do that again.