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Native is a monthly print and digital magazine that I founded in 2012 with three other partners and three very dedicated contractors. We distribute over 10,000 print copies a month, and we have over 45,000 readers. I created the brand identity and specifications for the magazine, including the company logo and the look and feel of the product. Coming from an advertising background had a major influence on how we approached our business. One of the cornerstones of our strategy early on was to target advertises who aligned well with our brand and our audience, and then design all of the ads in-house. That focus on relevance and visual harmony allowed us to create product that was better for our audience and more effective for our advertisers. In addition to my responsibilities as editor-in-chief, I was also responsible for the original website, t-shirts, business cards, media kits, event signage, and all other designed collateral. One of my co-founders and I also built-out the office ourselves, in addition to nearly all of its furniture. I served as editor-in-chief for the first year, and I have been the brand director ever since. Over the years, I have designed many spreads, innumerable ads, and several of the covers. I have also shot tons of photos (including the first cover), and I have written six long features in addition to countless short pieces. The covers are shown below (up to the 79th issue). You can visit the website here, or click the covers below to interact with digital simulations of the print issues.