Native is a monthly print and digital magazine that I founded in 2012 with three other partners. We distribute over 10,000 print copies a month, and we have over 45,000 readers. I was the founder with a design and art direction background, and as such, I created the logo and the overall look and feel of the magazine. Part of my strategy was to design all of the ads in-house—like the Five Points Pizza ad that lived on our back cover for over a year (shown). I designed the logo, grid, spine, specifications, original website, t-shirts, magazine shelf (shown), and magazine rack (shown). I served as editor-in-chief for the first six issues, and I have been the brand director ever since. I have designed many spreads, countless ads, and several of the covers. I have shot tons of photos, and I have written six long features. The covers are shown in the middle of the slide (up to the 30th issue), and a close-up of the spines is shown in the strip above.