The Future was a store concept that I developed with partners and sold to an investor. The idea was to only sell cutting-edge contemporary objects — things so new they might appear to be from the future. For the branding, I tasked myself with developing a typeface from the future. In physical terms, time is defined by change — from the present state of things to another state. With that in mind, I decided dynamic and generative type would better capture the idea of the future as the uncertain, ever-changing state of things ahead of us. I created a mutating logo based on a 3x5 pixel matrix. I sketched many possibilities for each letter, and then rendered each possibility in an irregular, rapid cycle that created a deluge of possible combinations (like a slot machine). The motion logo was to be used on the store's sign and website. Printed materials used varying static versions of the logo generated the same way. Conceptually and visually, the logo defined the website and store interior.